Currently, I am traveling the globe with Pathfinders Project, a yearlong humanist service trip that will conclude with the establishment of the permanent Humanist Service Corps.  We are going to eight countries and partnering with eleven service organizations to work on education, clean water, and human rights.  It is important to us that we do arrive as saviors, but as humble hands ready to help as we can.  It is important to us that we meet are partners on a human basis.  As we work on our projects we want to forge authentic relationships.

Unfortunately, none of this work can be done without money.  If you would like to support me and Pathfinders Project there are two options.

If you like coffee, the environment, and humanism, Grounds for Humanity Coffee is the way to go.  It is water sustainable, gourmet coffee and $3 of every bag goes directly to support Pathfinders Project.  Think about becoming a sustaining member.  If you do you will automatically receive two packages a month and $6 will go to Pathfinders every month.  It’s win win.

Alternatively, you can support us by contributing to our current fundraising campaign.  If you like my photos this is the option for you.  In exchange for a donation I will send you a print of the photo of your choice.

Thank you for your support!