Ghana Through My Lens

Kukuo's fetish priest
The fetish priest from Kukuo camp for accused witches who performs purification rituals on the accused witches.
Amientu Iddrissa and Daughter
Here are three generations. Amientu Iddrissa (left) has been accused of witchcraft and her daughter (right) has come to live with her mother with two of her own children. The daughter’s husband left her when Amientu was accused. Amientu worries about how she will get by when her daughter gets remarried and leaves her alone in the camp.
Skenka Kwame
Skenka Kwame who was accused of witchcraft along with nine other people. One of them was a man. Men who are accused of witchcraft must also be purified but they are allowed to return home to their lives immediately after. Women who return risk their lives.
Senetu Kojo's only possessions.
Senetu Kojo’s only possessions.
Senetu Kojo
Senetu Kojo has been at Kukuo for three years without any family help. Despite having her national healthcare card she can’t get the care she needs. The local pharmacy does not carry the medicine she needs and she does not have the means to get to the closest town. The paste on her face is an herbal remedy she uses instead.
Makola Market in Accra, Ghana.
Makola Market in Accra, Ghana.
Dozens of wooden boats in a harbor.
Harbor view from roof of Elmina slave castle near Cape Coast, Ghana.
Man sitting on coast rocks with his mussel catch in metal bowls around him.
Man resting after diving for mussels near Cape Coast slave castle.
Men playing soccer on the beach in front of Cape Coast slave castle.
Men playing soccer on the beach in front of Cape Coast slave castle.

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